Famous People from Red Deer

Although Red Deer is famous for heritage sites, Hotels, Nightlife and much more the city also boasts several famous people who have grown up in this historical city. Once you have made it through the list click here to head back to Nicole’s Body Works.

Here is list Famous People from Red Deer

Jacob Blair

The youngest of three, brother (Adam), sister (Tracey) and Blair himself was born in Red Deer, Alberta in Canada. He spent his childhood within pig farm outside Ponoka, Alberta until he was 4 years old, at the time when family members relocated to the Red Deer. His mom Deborah was nurse; his dad Warren was a businessperson as well as the owner of the telecom company. Blair, popularized academics and sports during his college, specifically excelling in Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, English, Mathematics, as well as Sports Medicine. During 1st year of his college he had Commerce as his main subject, but then he moved to Red Deer to have career in acting. He joined in 2004, and then in 2007 he graduated from theatre coaching centre from Studio 58 at Langara College. With performances on Television as Bionic Lady in 2007, Battlestar Galactica in 2007, and also L Word in 2008, The first recurring performance of Blair was during show Aliens in the united states in the year 2007, where he played the popular quarter back Dan Archer. Blair still performs in various theatre shows throughout Canada. Also as musician, Blair learned music whilst playing traditional bass, guitar, and loves to plunk on piano. Blair lives in Toronto, with his spouse Trisha Blair.

Eric Gustafsson

Eric Gustafsson is Canadian movie and TV actor. He is from Red Deer, Alberta. His mom is Canadian and his father is Swedish. Eric grew up in central Alberta performing in local community organizations such as Scouts Canada and 4-H Canada. Eric’s hobbies consist of golfing, fishing, snowboarding, as well as woodworking. He has 2 siblings, Mikael and Lisa.

There are many NHL players that were born in Red Deer as well:

  • Ron Anderson
  • Ossie Asmundson
  • Matt Fraser
  • Glenn Hicks
  • Trent Hunter
  • Greg Leeb
  • Brad Leeb
  • Paul Manning
  • Chris Mason
  • Randy Moller
  • Paul Postma
  • Dave Rochefort
  • Kris Russell
  • Colton Sceviour
  • Ray Schultz
  • Mark Tinordi
  • Michael Toal
  • Randy Turnbull
  • Russ Walker
  • Blake Wesley
  • Glen Wesley