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Your hands are one of the most vital parts of your body, and it is important to properly care for them. One way for you to do this is by scheduling a manicure with us. Why should you choose a Red Deer manicure at Nicole’s Body Works? There are many reasons, and each of them blossoms from a common passion. We take pleasure in providing our guests with a relaxing and friendly spa and cosmetic services.

The word manicure actually originates from Latin and it means “care of the hands.” It is as much about your health and wellness as it is about splurging on pampering yourself. Manicures are meant to ensure the health of the skin, nail plate, and cuticle on each finger and also to clean and refine the surface of the nail. Your fingernails give clues about their health in their structure and color. These clues can also give information about your whole body health. When you choose our salon for your manicure, you’re choosing a qualified professional who knows the anatomy of the nail and can make you look and feel beautiful as well as recognize and remedy problems with the skin and nails.

Each manicure experience at Nicole’s Body Works will be unique to you. We offer many services for your hand care needs. You have the choice of a regular manicure or spa manicure, a simple shape and polish, or you can even select any of our cosmetic options like gel services or nail art that will complement your personal style.

We begin with clean, sanitized hands which may include a nail soak. Any nail polish that is on your nails will be removed. If you are wearing a gel polish, there will be additional steps taken to appropriately remove the long-lasting finish. Next, your fresh and clean fingernails may be cut and then filed and shaped. Each client is unique and we will strive to accommodate your wishes for the look of your nails. You may choose to leave nails long or you may prefer them short. Some guests request a square tip while others like them round. You may even choose a medium between the two shapes and opt for a square-round form. Your manicure is all about you! 

Your manicure will also include care for your cuticles, which are actually made up of dead skin that attaches to the plate of the nail and can interfere with the finished look of a manicured nail. A cuticle remover might be applied to your nail beds to initiate the gentle removal of the cuticles. Your esthetician may use tools to gently push them back or to trim them, giving your nails a long, clean bed that will better hold nail enhancements and polish.

Your nail tech can also help to alleviate ingrown nails or other nail issues you may be having. Any loose or dead skin will be trimmed, leaving you with fresh fingers and fingernails that are ready to be oiled and buffed to reveal the natural health and shine of your nail.

As you will see for yourself when you schedule your manicure with us the next time you are in Red Deer, a manicure is so much more than cosmetic treatments such as polishing the nails in your favorite color or even applying artificial enhancements. But showing off your pampered nails to others is one of the fun perks of having your nails done. If you would like to add the finishing touch of color, we offer a variety of shades in lacquer and gel finishes. Some guests come in knowing exactly which color or colors they’d like to wear, but others choose to browse our selection when they arrive for their manicures. Either is fine!

When you take care of your greatest tools- your hands- you will reap several benefits. Not only will your nails reach a new level of beauty, but the skin on your hands will also feel revitalized. Even those around you will notice your properly manicured hands. It may not be an obvious difference in appearance, but you will look more well-groomed and professional. You may even feel more confident and attractive; it will show in the way you hold yourself and this will impact how people treat you.

Spending just a little bit of your day in Red Deer with the professionals at Nicole’s Body Works is something you deserve. If you want your hands to feel and look their best with a manicure, we are here for you.

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