Does it get much better than a pedicure in Red Deer?

As a therapeutic treatment for your feet, it is recommended to regularly have a pedicure session. This can soften hard skin, remove dead skin, shape and treat your toenails. A foot treatment is very relaxing as well. There are various pedicure techniques from foot massage to nail polish, so you need to learn what is the best suitable pedicure treatment for you. Here at Nicole’s Body Works we love to help your feet look their best!

Whether you are searching a luxurious spa day or just in search of a spa pedicure service, you can delight yourself with a relaxing retreat to pedicure Red Deer. The peaceful setting is designed to rejuvenate and re-energize you after a stressful day. Our Red Deer pedicure service comes at affordable prices and it is performed by highly trained staff. Do not hesitate to book an appointment now in order to enjoy a relaxation experience at its finest.

Having a pedicure treatment at our Red Deer pedicure clinic is a totally unique experience unlike any other. Our pedicure sessions begin with a foot spa of bath. You will enjoy a ten minute Essential Oil foot soak (with the Essential Oil of your choice) in the beginning of your pedicure session. In order to soften your skin, your feet will be soaked and cleansed in scented, warm water. An exfoliating rub with minerals or salts will clean off dead skin. This provides superior moisturizing, exfoliating and health benefits.

After the foot soak is done, your esthetician will clean up your nails, removing your cuticles and shaping your toenails. All you have to do is to sit back and relax while our skilled pedicure technicians will address any problems. Our skilled esthetician can also set a homecare plan for those with chronic problems, in order to have your feet feeling their best. Your refreshing pedicure session will finish with a foot massage and polish application. The massage will apply aromatherapy oils and creams into your feet in order to soften and refresh your skin.

You are also encouraged to discuss with our receptionists at your time of booking any special medical concerns.

A treatment in our Red Deer pedicure clinic could be good for many foot issues. If you are suffering of any food problems, a regular pedicure can support chiropody and minimize the need for further treatment. You naturally walk more comfortable on feet well cared for, so a pedicure can also help your posture. When combined with other treatments, pedicure sessions can also relax and soothe you.

Your feet will look and feel fantastic after a good pedicure. Depending on the techniques involved, a pedicure session typically lasts between 30 and 90 minutes. There are many types of pedicures available in our Red Deer pedicure clinic, including French pedicure, intensive paraffin wax pedicure, gel pedicure, and luxury pedicure. Our qualified nail technicians are trained to keep high standards of hygiene. Spoil yourself with a totally relaxing pedicure session! Give Nicole’s Body Works a call today to book your next pedicure treatment!

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