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You have most likely seen these little 3D shaped tear drops known as beauty blenders. At first, I will admit, that I was skeptical that they would be useful in my daily makeup routine. I’ve seen them in many beauty stores and have even watched several tutorials. However, I had just never taken the step to use them myself until recently. I am now hooked on these little tear drop – egg shaped little blenders. Here is why.

First off, I like that I can apply my foundation streak free and mess free. I was one of those people who just put the dab of foundation on her fingers and then spread it around. One has visions of finger painting and basically that is what it is like. Afterwards, my fingers a messy and the clean up of fresh foundation isn’t exactly just a matter of washing with soap and water. That stuff is made to last the day, so it requires extra attention. So, these little beauty blenders take that mess and clean up away, which turns into less time in the bathroom!

I have even now started using the blenders to dabble in contouring. I have a few beauty blenders that are different colours use them each for different things. So, I use one for the darker contour colour and another for my normal foundation colour. It is very easy to add the definition with these tear-drop shaped blenders as you use the different ends to apply, smooth and blend the colours to get a smooth look.

What I did learn was that it is important that the blenders are damp before you use them. Be sure to squeeze excess moisture out of it first. When damp the blenders pick up the product instead of sucking it up. It is also important to wash your blenders as it does hold moisture which can lead to the growth of bacteria and mold. They are easy to clean, and you can decide how often you clean them. I decided just to clean them quick after each use. That way I am assured that I am not using dirty sponges on my face and they are easier to clean as they don’t have a build up of product in them. Simply run water on them till the water runs clean and let them air dry. They last about 3 months, so they are pretty strong for being such small sponges.

Overall, I am happy that I started using Beauty Blenders as they have definitely made my makeup routine a lot better however, I found that it was getting expensive as you do need to replace them due to the fact that they start to break apart and leave little chunks of sponge on your newly done face. So, I decided I would see if I could find a cheaper version without losing out on quality. It did take awhile to dwindle down the different options and try them out. I did find a great alternative to the Beauty Blenders at about half the price. They still work their magic just as the name brand ones do. They are easy to clean, don’t soak up hardly any product (you can even use when dry), and they just as easy to use. I found that there were over 1500 reviews on Amazon and for the majority of the users, they too were also very happy with this cheaper alternative. I also like that they come in 5 different colours as I like to use different colours for different products, but that is most me being particular.

If you are wanting a cheaper alternative to Beauty Blenders than check out the:

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