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As with every start to a new year we tend to think about what we want the year to look like. This includes things like relationship goals, work goals, diet goals, fitness goals, and educational goals. There are of course many other types of goals that people think about, but these seem to be on the top of most people’s lists.

With fitness goals it can be hard to get started as there are so many things that people consider. It can be overwhelming to start for some, so much so that they end up not even started. So, to help you get started if you are struggling, here are some ways to help you with your new fitness challenges that you want for the new year.


Starting Something New and Preventing Injury


A great place to start if you haven’t really done any fitness challenges is to start with doing an activity that is new to you. When you try something new it helps engage you more as it doesn’t come across as the same old stuff that you may have tried before or have seen others do. New things come with a sense of excitement. When trying something new it is always best to start with the beginner’s class and then work your way up. If you start with something that is above your level, you may become discouraged quickly and only end up going to one or a couple classes. You also will have a higher chance of injuring yourself (click here for more about recovering with CBD) or overdoing it in a class that is more advanced.


Invite Friends


Any fitness challenge can seem scary and it is always nice to suffer through those first couple days with a friend. Not only that it will help you stay accountable to keep going! When it is just you it is way easier to make excuses as to why you are not up for the challenge that day. To make it even more of a challenge you could always make it into a competition.


Write It Down


The biggest thing that one can do to help themselves along with their challenge is to write it down. When you schedule your days, it is much easier to follow. It is also a great idea and important to write your goals down. Make daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly goals for yourself. Writing it down helps you visualize where you want to be and when. It helps motivate you and even brings a sense of personal accountability. With a schedule for your challenge it makes it easier to not have to think about what you need to do that do. With most challenges you are most likely switching between different workouts and/or adding more to the workout. For example, on day 1 you may start with a cardio workout (, day 2 leg day, day 3 weight lifting and then repeat. Then as you progress you become stronger and able to do more. So, by writing it down, a workout journal like the Fitlosophy Fitbook, works great for this as you are able to not only schedule your workouts, but easily keep track of your fitness goals too.




Something to remember when planning on doing a fitness challenge of some kind, whether for weight loss (check out LadyBoss visit site) or muscle gain, is to set rewards for different achievements. It can be hard to maintain your motivation if all you are looking to is the end goal. Be sure to make smaller goals to achieve along the way and reward yourself. Whether it be something like a new sweater when you lose your first 5 pounds, or a new workout equipment when you are able to do double the reps from when you started. It is up to you to decide what type of reward will motivate you the most because let’s be real, it is hard to keep going when the end seems so far away. It is a lot of work to keep going as strong as you did when you first started. Sometimes we have setbacks, so having these rewards can help pick us up to know that there is something soon if we just keep pushing a little harder.

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