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If you want to get bigger and stronger with the help of building muscle mass, it is inevitable that you need to follow a specific exercise regime. Even the firsthand individuals can reach to double digits pound of muscle growth within shorter time by following the right muscle gain programs. The two major steps for building muscle mass are the ambitious training and strategic diet for muscle growth. Supplements may also be something that help you, and you might want to check out Accendo Medicare supplement.

Here are some best exercises that can show you in muscle growth by adding some size and strength in the body.



If you want to get those big legs, then squat is the right exercise for you. Here following the right technique is everything. Therefore you need to make sure that your back is being arched right from the moment you start lifting up the weight up to the moment you rack it. In addition, your head should be back while looking up during a set.

You need to keep the chest out with feet slightly wider than your shoulder width. In order to execute the exercise properly, you can imagine yourself sitting on a chair.


Barbell Squat

For any muscle building purpose as well as other purposes, you should remember that barbell is the king equipment. In order to perform barbell squat, you may require grabbing a bench and practicing it by sitting normally so that you have a feel for this movement. Now, in order to touch your quad which is actually the muscle you need to focus on for this exercise, you are required to go down a little above parallel so that you can minimize the stress on your glutes before you start the ascending section.



The best time for doing this exercise is when you work on your back. This exercise is appropriate for overall strength and gaining thickness in the lower to mid portion of your back. You can perform this exercise any time during your workout session; however, the best time to do it is the ending of all other workouts.

It has been found that if you have a pump on your working muscle, you may find it easier to conduct other exercises. In that respect, dead-lifting helps to pull your legs and you will get more intense pump than you have before the exercise. Thus you can emphasize more on your back. With a narrow stance, you can do this exercise while your arms should be outside of your knees.


Barbell Dead-lift

Barbell dead-lifting can be called an alternative way of doing a ‘sumo’ stance while you need keep your feet quite wide apart and arms inside the knees. In either ways of doing this muscle gain exercise, your focus should be on strict form by arching your back and keeping it in the same way throughout the exercise.


Bench Press

For a large number of bodybuilding practitioners who aim at building their chest and muscle mass, this exercise is like bread and butter. However, few people can perform the exercise in proper way as they have a tendency to take as much load as they can handle. Actually, there is a groove that you need to try and stay on it to obtain the maximum result.


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