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While browsing through fitness websites, or visiting dropping into your nearest nutrition supplement store, there is a huge chance of being whisked away into the big world of muscle mass supplements. You may have also seen the pictures of giant cans and bottles of liquids, powders and capsules featuring massive biceps and abs. Those muscular body parts undoubtedly look quite attractive. But there is a big question – do such supplements really help in muscle gain?


How Muscle Mass Supplements Work


Our muscles are created by an increase on the number or size of muscle fibers which is the result of loading, tearing and subsequently re-building the muscles. Muscle building supplements aim to allow more loads to be put up on the muscles and enhance the ability of muscles to produce force. In fact, supplements for increasing muscle size are supposed to increase the ability of a muscle to recover, re-build and produce new fibers.

Here you must remember that a supplement used for muscle growth is completely different from a supplement meant for fat loss. In fact, a fat loss supplement is especially designed to boost the metabolism or reduce the craving for appetite.


How Protein Works for Gaining Muscle Mass


In order to make out how supplements are helpful in muscle gain, we should take the easiest example of attainable muscle-building supplement that has been used for a long period of time: protein. Protein in the body breaks into amino acids which are required for repairing and growing muscle fibers. And by maintaining adequate protein intake, you can keep the proper balance of nitrogen that gives a positive signal for muscle building state. It has been seen that people who cannot get sufficient amount of protein, tend to lose muscle.

The fact is that both protein and creatine help in building muscle mass. However, you need to choose the right protein and creatine for this purpose. Ultimately, consumption of adequate protein and creatine supplement can certainly help you building muscle mass. But you should never go overboard. You need to maintain the balance by aiming at a gram per pound.


What Kind of Supplement You Should Buy?


There is a wide range of muscle mass supplements available in the market, most of them being protein powders. But what is you are already getting enough protein and are looking for even better results? Vegans can look at an option like this:


What is XtremeNO?


You may want to consider trying a bottle of XtremeNO. Speed up muscle growth. Increase strength and endurance. Quickly and easily burn body fat.

Nitric Oxide has been around for years in the world of body building. It is an ingredient that can help get your body ripped, shredded, and lean. XtremeNO releases Nitric Oxide to your muscles in a more regulated way. Utilizing an all-day release of Nitric Oxide supplies your body with the powerful muscle builder, continuously, over the length of the day. This lets you get longer, more intense workouts, and helps to recharge muscles while you are sleeping. This helps in reducing fatigue and improving endurance.

Xtreme No contains L-ARGININE (a powerful amino acid that synthesizes proteins), KETOIOSCAPORATE (a stimulant and fat burner), L-CITROLINE (which helps regenerate your muscles faster and more efficiently), and KETOGLUTARATE (which helps to increase blood flow to your muscles).

You can order XtremeNO directly from the manufacturer here.

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