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I have noticed that a lot of people have gone to social media and complained about women wearing yoga pants in public. It has become more and more commonplace to see people, mostly women, wearing yoga pants to do their daily life routine. Most have come to accept this as commonplace now, but it has taken awhile for people to think that this is socially acceptable. Of course, there are those that still think that it is not okay to wear yoga pants in public, but for the most part, most are not going to look at a woman with disdain that she opted for yoga pants that day.


Why do women like to wear yoga pants?


If you are wondering why yoga pants are even worn outside of working out, the answer is quite simple – they are comfortable. They are stretchy, they move with you, there is no chaffing from rough material like jeans, and convenient. As they do come in different styles and colours, they go well with a lot of shirts and sweaters that one has in their closet. I have seen women wear stilettos with yoga pants and a leather jacket. Would I myself go that far with yoga pants? Most likely not, but why not.

Sometimes one has to see the whole picture as to why women prefer to wear yoga pants or other active wear over jeans. If they are a mom, yoga pants are much easier to wear when dealing with kids. As a mom you are chasing after kids, crawling and sitting on the floor, wiping up after messes left right and center. In jeans these things can be done, however, they wear out super quickly with all the up, down, turn arounds that happens when you are a mom. There is so much demand on you that having that bit of comfort that you get when wearing yoga pants, outweighs societies thoughts that one should not wear yoga pants outside of working out.

Another reason women may be wearing yoga pants out in public is that she may not be feeling 100%. Who wants to wear pants that don’t have flexibility, especially in the waist, if they don’t feel well? When sick (or have cramps) you just want to be comfy and not have anything else contribute to your discomfort. Or as a pregnant mom, yoga pants are a definite go to in the beginning months when there is lots of pressure on the belly already and they need something that is stretchy and comfortable, but a woman may not feel that they are big enough for maternity clothes. Yoga pants are stretchy and won’t add any discomfort to the baby belly.

People may think that women were yoga pants because they are wanting to draw attention. A lot of these pants are tight from top to bottom; however, most women will wear a longer shirt to cover their butts. It really is that we, as women, want to feel comfortable. Yoga pants do that for us. I can agree that in a lot of settings yoga pants wouldn’t be acceptable work attire, but when one is off the clock who cares if they decide to enjoy the comfortable feeling of yoga pants. The majority of women who are wearing yoga pants in public are not also wearing skimpy little tops. They either have a longer shirt or sweater on. Yes, there are some out there that are wearing them to show off their bodies, but that still doesn’t mean it is an open invitation to anyone, they are just wanting to flaunt. If you have an issue with someone wearing yoga pants in public, keep it to yourself because in the end it does not matter what your opinion is. You don’t know their story, their life, if they choose to wear yoga pants out for the world to see, then good on them.

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